Purple Striped Kaftan with Balay ni Atong Belt

₱8,500.00 PHP

Purple Striped Kaftan with Balay ni Atong Belt

₱8,500.00 PHP


    Maharaja nights meets tropical chic with our Striped Kaftan. After a plunge in the Mediterranean, cover yourself up in this cotton voile dress, or wear it out for a starry night on the Pacific. It has long puffed sleeves and a funky embellished waist-belt that gives you that old-world glam.

    - 100% Lightweight and delicate cotton voile

    - Due to the woodblock printing process, some bleeding on the fabric may occur

    - Hand wash cold separately





    This is Susan Valeriano. In her 54 years of life, she has been blessed with 3 children and 4 grandchildren. Susan has worked in this trade for 38 years starting off as a sewer and ultimately as a technical designer. She fondly recalls her first experience sewing when she was a young child, making clothes for her dolls. As the breadwinner of the family, Susan is grateful this profession has allowed her to feed and support her family. She explains that happy customers inspire her work. During her downtime, Susan loves to watch movies and play Sims. Her wonderful disposition, kind manner, and technical knowhow make Susan a dream to work with and learn from. 





    Our fabulous and funky Inabel belts are made by the skilled weavers of Balay ni Atong, an organization who has devoted its efforts to the revival of Inabel, the traditional textile of Ilocos.  Due to local market flooding and the importation of processed textiles, this traditional artform has been dwindling over generations. We are proud and honored to work with Balay ni Atong to bring light to this incredible weaving technique, and hope our little impact helps revive the community!


    || Intentionally voluminous ||