About FINI


At FINI, we strive to reimagine the mundane.

We love color and texture where you least expect it. We don’t believe in unoriginal concepts, thoughtless products, or irresponsible business practices. That is why all FINI pieces are designed with delight and produced strictly in limited quantities by carefully selected hands. Whether it is the trim, the material, or the execution, no details are spared in the creation of our product. We proudly stand by the principle that no two pieces are exactly the same.

FINI products are made with love, so wear with a smile and peace of mind.



We are Cris, Nina, and Sofi and we are best friends. Growing up together in the Philippines, we spent most of our time outside and under the sun.

We each left to study and work overseas, but the more we saw, lived, and learned afar, the more we looked toward home. 

We saw the Philippines with fresh eyes. Ours is an island nation, over 100 million people strong, populated with the most welcoming, generous, and talented people that we’ve been lucky enough to know. FINI is inspired by both—our home in the tropics and our explorations of the world’s scattered, varied corners. 

FINI was born out of our desire to foster local talent, revive fading traditions, and improve business practices wherever we work. We build partnerships with all of the local communities we work with and we dedicate a fixed portion of all our proceeds to different Philippine charities in need.




In the creation of each collection, FINI follows a particular process. Here’s how we work:

FINI Travels

We look to different corners of the world for inspiration and take field notes along the way.

FINI Creates

We seek out local partners to help make our vision a reality.

FINI Curates

We share our wares on a curated online pop-up.

FINI Gives

A portion of the proceeds for every sale goes back to a Philippine charity in need.


You Enjoy

Take FINI on your next adventure.



In an effort to celebrate craftsmanship, this product is pieced together by thoughtfully selected hands.

Ethically Sourced

In making this product, we engage suppliers and organizations that care sincerely about the livelihood of their work force.


In making this product, we transform discarded material into something beautiful, ensuring that no scrap is left behind.


Support Local

We work with Filipino artisans in an effort to support niche communities.


Limited Quantities

This product is made in limited quantities to minimize repetition and to promote diversity in an oversaturated global marketplace.